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Media Appearances

Denver Education Compact Working to Improve Student Outcomes

Two Denvercollaborations between city government and community groups aimed at improving outcomes for childrenare quantifying their goals. Read more:      Read more »

Fresno unveils 'Strive' plan to improve student success

Fresno Area Strive releases their baseline report card. Read more:      Read more »

Supporting Childhood Development in Waterbury, CT

Bridge to Success Initiative aligns with City Hall to improve outcomes for kids:      Read more »

Forward Progress in Kalamazoo

Seven years after the launch of The Kalamazoo Promise, Kalamazoo Public Schools is beginning to move the needle on student progess. Kalamazoo Promise: Is it Working to Improve Student Achievement?: Kalamazoo      Read more »

All Hands Raised: Together We Hold the Key

All Hands Raised (AHR) is building a truly collaborative learning support system -- from within the community. The partnership has a vision for bold system change built around always asking the question, "how can we improve?" AHR believes that this will ensure long-term, real results for o     Read more »

Aligning Philanthropy, Nonprofits, Business and Government to "Raise DC"

In D.C., 19 percent of adults lack basic literacy skills, 30 percent of children live in poverty, and only 61 percent of students graduate high school on time. For a city known for its prosperity – not to mention its wealth of social programs and nonprofit organizations – these are tro     Read more »

Strive Partnership Focused on Improving Early Childhood Education

In his State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama issued a call to action that “every single child in America” should have high-quality early-childhood education. Improving early childhood education is a top priority for the Strive Partnership. Read the full story here:http://ww     Read more »

Collaboration is the New Competition

Ben Hecht, President & CEO of Living Cities blogs in the Harvard Business Review about a collective impact world where, “collaboration is the new competition.” Read about it:      Read more »

Collective Impact- A New Approach to Education

Listen to Jeff Edmondson, Managing Director of Strive discuss the cradle to career initiative:      Read more »

Race to the Top District Competition Winners Announced

Congrats to Guilford Co., NC and Charleston Co., SC on being winners of the Race to the Top district competition!      Read more »

Seattle School Districts Win $40 million Race to the Top Grant

Congrats to The Roadmap District Consortium in Seattle on winning a $40 million Race to the Top grant!      Read more »

Generation Next launches in Twin Cities to help enable 'cradle to career' success

Twin Cities, MN launches a cradle to career effort based on the Strive framework.      Read more »

Learn to Earn Dayton Recognizes Importance of Sub-Baccalaureate Degrees

In Dayton, sub-baccalaureate degrees and certificates are paying off for students and employers. Tom Lasley, director of the Learn to Earn Dayton initiative, says " sub-baccalaureate credentials can have a significant payoff, with each year of post-high-school education correlating to an 11 per     Read more »

Bridging Richmond Provides Support that Spans Across a Child's Life

“Bridging Richmond” brings education, business and civic leaders together to boost student success from cradle to career      Read more »

Time Banks Provide New Way to 'Spend' an Hour

As the Strive Network is looking for ways to better facilitate the exchange of knowledge and resources between Network Members, the concept of a TimeBank has become an exciting solution to enable this process. Timebanks are a way for network members to exchange knowledge and resources without it nee     Read more »

Providence Launches Citywide Cradle to Career Action Plan

The Providence Journal highlights new program gauging student progress: Providence Children and Youth Cabinet release roadmap for progre     Read more »

Jeff Edmondson Speaks at Education Nation

Jeff Edmondson spoke at this year's Education National Panel on integrated (wraparound) services, highlighting the importance of bringing together cross-sector leaders to move student achievement outcomes forward. Edmondson also reiterated the reality that there are no silver bullets. What w     Read more »

Ben Hecht features Strive in Fast Company Article on Social Innovation

In his Fast Company article, President and CEO of Living Cities, Ben Hecht highlights social innovation efforts and initiatives throughout the country - including Strive. Read his entire article here: 5 Transformational Forces That Should Be Driving The Social Sector (But Aren't)      Read more »

Cincinnati Strive Partnership Featured on Today Show

During a Today Show 'Education Nation' segment, Cincinnati was featured for the innovative school and early learning initiatives being spearheaded in the city, including initiatives led by members of the Strive Partnership. "I really do think the blended funding model, with this public     Read more »

Kalamazoo Promise featured in the New York Times

In a six-page story, Ted C. Fishman delves into the history and future implications of the Kalamazoo Promise. Read his piece in the New York Times by clicking here: Why These Kids Get a Free Ride to College      Read more »

Nancy Zimpher endorses Strive as offering the education roadmap our nation needs

In her New York Times' Letter to the Editor, Nancy Zimpher responds to Thomas L. Friedman's column, "It's Still Halftime in America," in which Friedman asserts that all children should be guarenteed educational opportunities and that our country needs a map to get us there. Zim     Read more »

Detroit's Education Manifesto and the Pursuit of 90/90/90

Dan Varner, CEO of Excellent Schools Detroit, outlines what he calls "Detroit's Education Manifesto." This manifesto includes the pursuit of audacious collective impact goal of 90/90/90. "The three 90s call for Detroit to be the first major U.S. city where 90 percent of students      Read more »

Houston's All Kids Alliance to Define a Student Success Roadmap

A recent study shows that only one out of four university-bound Texas high school graduates is prepared for college-level work. In an effort to "understand the numbers more deeply," All Kids Alliance is hoping to define a student success roadmapthat will help determine what's necessary     Read more »

The Road Map Project Debuts New Website

The Road Map Project, a community- wide effort aimed at improving education to drive dramatic improvement in student achievement from cradle to college and career in South King County and South Seattle, has unveiled their new website: The site has lots of new features,     Read more »

Jeff Edmondson and Nancy Zimpher co-write article for Community Investments Magazine

Jeff Edmondson and Nancy Zimpher discuss the importance of setting standards for collective impact and getting a better social return on investment in education in their new article, "The New Civic Infrastructure: The ‘How To’ of Collective Impact and Getting a Better Social Return      Read more »

Jeff speaks on Cradle to Career Network

Listen to Jeff speak about the Strive Cradle to Crareer Network, its roots in Cincinnati, and building the civic infrastructure to support this work on WOR Newstalk radio. Additionally, Ben Hect of Living Cities speaks on the issue of education in our cities. Find both of the interviews at: http://     Read more »

Twin Cities Strive announced as new SIF Grantee

On July 31, the Social Innovation Fund (SIF) announced the selection of four new grantees. Each will receive awards of $2 million over two years, and are eligible for continued funding for a total of up to five years. Among the new grantees:Twin Cities Strive! In partnership with Greater Twin Citie     Read more »

Jeff Edmondson announced as 2012 NGen Leadership Award Winner

Selected from a pool of five distinguished finalists, Jeff Edmondson has been selected as this year's American Express NGen Leadership Award recipient. “Jeff is a true gamechanger in every sense of that word,” said Diana Aviv, president and CEO of Independent Sector. “His inno     Read more »

Road Map Project wins All-America City Award: Collective Impact for Literacy

Seattle and South King County cities have won a 2012 All-America City Award, based on the region’s plans to improve reading levels. To learn more about the award and the Road Map Proejct, read Ken Thompson's post in the Gates Foundation's Impatient Optimists blog.      Read more »

Points of Light CEO meets with Edmondson, other Ohio leaders

In her latest ChangeNotes newsletter, Points of Light CEO Michelle Nunn speaks about her recent encounters with collaboration, collective impact, and compassion. One such encounter was with Jeff Edmondson, where Nunn was "taken by Jeff's vision of the importance of a multi-sector approach -     Read more »

Collective Impact takes shape in Hartford, Connecticut

In her Connecticut Mirror article, Susan B. Dunn - president and CEO of the United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut - writes about an emerging collective impact partnership in Hartford. Describing the work and progress of the Hartford School - Community Partnership, Dunn speaks to the imp     Read more »

Jeff Edmondson announced as 2012 NGen Award Finalist

Strive Network Managing Director, Jeff Edmondson, is one of this year's NGen Award Finalists. The award honors one accomplished nonprofit leader, under the age of 40, who has demonstrated significant impact in addressing society's critical needs. Other nominees include: Gregg Behr, Executive     Read more »

Public-Private Partnerships For School Improvement Efforts

Emily Richmond, public editor of the National Education Writers Association, highlighted the efforts of the Strive Partnership in her article on the recent policy forum held in New Orleans, hosted by The After-School Corporation and the Partnership for Youth Development. Richmond refers to the Striv     Read more »

Every 'villager' has stake in children's education

A recent article highlighting the Cradle to Career Education focus in Green Bay, WI offered community members a very concrete call to action. A team came together in a recent conference to outline a vision around education for the community as well as very tangible ways different community members c     Read more »

The Learning Network: Collective Impact in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Communities across the country are beginning to implement a Collective Impact approach to improve education outcomes for kids. This article, "Learning Network asks community to get involved," highlights the collective impact efforts of Kalamazoo, MI. The article cites Strive as an influenc     Read more »

Jeff Edmondson a Featured Speaker at Points of Light Conference, alongside Secretary Duncan

Jeff Edmondson will be speaking at Turning Point 2012, a National Conference on Volunteering and Service, during it's education session, "Celebrating the Power of Service in Education." Secretary Arne Duncan and President of Target Community Relations Laysha Ward will also be speaking      Read more »

The Necessity of Cross-Sector Collaboration

In her commentary, Becky Ceperley (CEO of the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation) speaks to the necessity and growing desire for cross-sector collaboration when facing social issues, and commends Strive for its "remarkable results." To read the full article, follow this link: Sharing in Sc     Read more »

Sharing Accountability for Student Success

In this Education Sector blog post, Christopher Caruso speaks to the importance of school partners, strong relationships, shared goals, and shared accountability towards making real change in our schools. Caruso highlights the Strive Partnership for its success and strategies. To read the whole art     Read more »

Treasure Valley ‘Cradle to Career’ Education Effort Moves Ahead

"A valleywide collaboration of educators, businesses and nonprofits met Thursday to report efforts toward a sweeping goal: To make sure every Idaho child gets a good start in school and academic success that carries beyond high school and into the career of his or her choice." The Treasure     Read more »

Strive Partnership as Useful Template

The Huffington Post suggests in its article "On Education, Strive Partnership Offers Useful Template" that ral innovative solutions to education are not coming from Washington but from local communities "taking matters into their own hands." The Strive partnership of Cincinnati,      Read more »

A Unified Theory of Social Change

In his March 8 blog post, Dan Pallotta firmly stated that "if we want to change the world, we need a strategic plan." The plan that he later highlights is one that builds off of the Strive framework. To learn more, read this blog post here: A Unified Theory of Social Change      Read more »

A Promise for Albany's Kids

The Albanay Promise, a new initiative that aims to take a more holistic approach to educating children, is modeled in part after Strive: "Now, along comes a partnership of dozens of school, business, and community stakeholders to form The Albany Promise, billed as an effort to change a cycle th     Read more »

Microsoft Grant Will Allow for Strive Network Online Community

The $600,000 Microsoft grant will allow KnowledgeWorksto develop an online community to support the work of Strive. KnowledgeWorks CIO, Jim Scott: “As KnowledgeWorks looked to expand our Strive approach, we knew that we needed a strong technology platform and tools to enable communications wi     Read more »

A Promising Approach to Addressing America’s Biggest Challenges

In the White HouseCommunity Collaboratives Whitepaper:A Promising Approach to Addressing America’s Biggest Challenges, the authors acknolwedge the different challenges that communities face, and explore the solutions that will help communities "achieve more with less." The paper high     Read more »

A Decade of Outcome-Oriented Philanthropy

In this article from the Stanford Social Innovation Review, the president of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation reflects on the "growing importance of strategic philanthropy" over the last ten years, and what its future might hold. Strive is highlighted as a "poster child"      Read more »

Jeff Edmondson Helps Lead Online Discussion at The Chronicle of Philanthropy

On Tuesday, February 14th, Jeff Edmondson helped lead a live online discussion concerning the use collaborative action to solve problems in the nonprofit sector. To read the discussion in its entirety, follow this link to The Chronicle of Philanthropy: How Nonprofts Can Collaborate to Solve Problems     Read more »

Collaborative Approach Gaining Favor as Strategy for Deep-Seated Problems

On February 6th, the Chronicle of Philanthropy published "Collaborative Approach Gaining Favor as Strategy for Deep-Seated Problems." The article examines the rise in collective impact efforts throughout the country, as communities from Cincinnati to Milwaukee leverage cross-sector collabo     Read more »

In Minnesota, Whole Towns Coming Together for All Students

In this report, author Dane Smith examines progress being made in Greater Minnesota toward improving student outcomes and closing the achievement gap - highlighting the promising cradle to career community efforts inspired by Strive. Read the whole report here: Whole Towns Coming Together for All S     Read more »

Channeling Change: Making Collective Impact Work

The Stanford Social Innovation Review recently published “Channeling Change: Making Collective Impact Work,” a follow-up to last year’s popular article, “Collective Impact.” Both articles discuss Strive in depth, with the most recent providing an update to the work of     Read more »

Review of Ed Sector Article

The Education Gadfly Weekly, a bulletin of weekly news and analysis from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, reviewed the Ed Sector article: Striving for Student Success: A Model of Shared Accountability which profiled the Strive Partnership. The Education Gadfly discusses briefly the growing import     Read more »

Improving education through ‘Milwaukee Succeeds’

Milwaukee Succeeds announces their first major community investment as well as their first major focus area: improving third grade reading proficiency. This is the first time, according to Chancellor Michael R. Lovell that "community’s history that partners representing public, choice      Read more »

Strive Partnership mentioned in New York Times

The Strive Partnership in Cincinnati was mentioned in the New York Times as a creative solution to a social problem, and was highlighted formaking progress in 2011 towards their mission of helping others. To read about the Strive Partnership, as well as many other great social programs and in     Read more »

Seattle's CCER Releases Baseline Report

The Road Map Project, an initiative of Seattle's Community Center for Education Results, released it's baseline report today.The report shows both the critical needs and bright spots regarding education in the region. To read the baseline report, follow this link: The Roadmap Project      Read more »

Leap of Reason: Fighting Poverty with Head and Heart

In his December 1st blog post, Mario Morino highlights a familiar dilemma that many nonprofts face: having passion, but not good information and tools "to determine where they’re headed, chart a logical course, and course-correct when they’re off." "In short,&q     Read more »

Achieve Guilford Initiative Seeks "Cradle to Career" Focus

Local nonprofit, educational and business leaders in Guikford County, NC unveiled the Achieve Guilford initiative that seeks to coordinate efforts to support children from "cradle to career." The program is modeled upon a successful initiative in Cincinnati called Strive that implemente     Read more »

Schools Plan for Action on Achievement Gap

Columbia Public Schools are aiming to build off of recent successes and make sure the community works toward common goals. To help the district in this effort, the community is considering a Strive-like effort. In a recent community meeting, citizens discussed the effort, identifying potential be     Read more »

Connecting the Dots: Is Your Community 'Program Rich, System Poor'?

Ken Thompson, Program Officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, writes about Strive’s accomplishment “connecting the dots.” Thompson examines the birth of the Strive Partnership in Cincinnati, and explores the role of the Strive framework in Northwestern communities.      Read more »

Denver Education Compact Kicks Off

“For too long, far too many of Denver’s children have grown up without a full opportunity to succeed,” said Denver's Mayor Michael Hancock. To combat this growing educational disparity, Denver is kicking off its Denver Education Compact. This compact is based on the Strive C     Read more »

Milwaukee Succeeds Aims to Bring Key Players to the Table

"To improve educational outcomes for all children in the Milwaukee area, the city should adopt a cradle-to-career framework - and that's exactly what Milwaukee Succeeds aims to do." Using the Strive Framework as a base, Milwaukee hopes to impact educational success in a larger way t     Read more »

Milwaukee is Part of National Cradle to Career Movement

The Journal Sentinel reported on Milwaukee's involvement in the national movement of Cradle to Career approaches to education, something former University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (and former University of Cincinnati) chancellor Nancy Zimpher's fingerprints are all over. To read more ab     Read more »

New 'Cradle to Career' Partnership Aims at Helping Kids Succeed

Milwaukee kicks off its new Cradle to Career Partnership, "an effort to move beyond the providers of education to really focus on the children and helping them succeed cradle to career." The Journal Sentinel cites that "the partnership is focused on large, big-picture ideas that ar     Read more »

How Charities Can Use Data to Learn to Do a Better Job

Jeff Edmondson, Managing Director of Strive, and Matthew Forti, the performance measurement practice area manager at Bridgespan, both participated in an enlightening chat about how non-profits can use data to do a better job. To read the Full Transcript of the Live Chat, please visit: How Cha     Read more »

Rochester School District Fights Absenteeism

When analyzing the issue of “disturbingly high absenteeism” in Rochester, Interim Superintendent Bolgen Vargas recognizes that the community must get involved. “Only a comprehensive approach with social services, other agencies, churches and neighborhood groups can fix this prob     Read more »

Twin Cities Considering a Strive-like Approach

The Twin Cities Daily Planet reports that the Twin Cities are considering a Strive-like Cradle to Career approach to their education systems specifically to address the "the grossly unequal educational achievement we are delivering to our fast-growing communities of color." The article      Read more »

Emerging Cradle to Career Initiative in Albany

In a profile about Director of Education PipelineStrategies Jill Lansing, she speaks about her process of, and passion for, implementing a Cradle to Career initiative in Albany. Building off the work in Cincinnati with the Strive Partnership, Lansing hopes to create a similar structure that suppo     Read more »

Strive Partnership in Cincinnati Achieves Better Results in Schools

In this article, Greg Landsman, executive director of The Strive Partnership in Greater Cincinnati, writesthat our economic future is dependent on our educational outcomes: “Growing a stronger economy and lifting incomes will depend on getting better results in education, cradle to career.&     Read more »

Pathways to Prosperity

Pathways to Prosperity is a powerful piece that describes the challenges and failures of our current education system in preparing our youth for the 21stcentury. When compared to other industrialized countries, our nation’s college completion rate tends to fall short. This is largely though     Read more »

Fast Company: Ohio's Contribution to "States of Innovation" is Strive

In "United States of Innovation," Fast Company cites the Strive Parnership as the one Ohio example to watch for "bold ideas and brilliant urbanites who are helping to build the cities of America's future."      Read more »

TEDxCincy: Jeff Edmondson

"The Key to Educational improvement is data and how we use it." Watch this short TEDxCincy video about how we can use data to support every child, cradle to career.      Read more »

New York Times Opinionator blog: The Power of Partnerships

Some problems are simply too complex to solve with any single approach. Consider the fact that in the United States, a million students drop out of high school each year. To begin to turn back that trend, we need to work on several fronts — assist vulnerable families when children are infan     Read more »

Washington Post: Ravitch takes stock of education in 2010

Education historian Diane Ravitch writes about Strive on her Bridging Differences blog, which she co-authors with Deborah Meier on the Education Week website. This entry was also published on the Washington Post blog: The Answer Sheet. For more information please click here      Read more »

New York Times: Opinionator Blog: Coming Together to Give Schools a Boost

David Bornstein writes: We only have to consider some of the nation’s greatest achievements to appreciate what’s possible when we coordinate efforts rationally. At its peak, for example, the Apollo program, which put a man on the moon, involved 400,000 people and 20,000 companies and      Read more »

Stanford Social Innovation Review: Collective Impact

Large-scale social change requires broad cross-sector coordination, yet the social sector remains focused on the isolated intervention of individual organizations. The scale and complexity of the U.S. public education system has thwarted attempted reforms for decades. Major funders, such as t     Read more »

U.S. Department of Education: New and Alternative Sources of Student Support and Funding

Philanthropy has been, and will continue to be, a potential source of funding for a variety of education programs and initiatives. In addition to these funds, city or county funding streams and services may be tapped by schools and districts to help meet the needs of the whole child. Leveraging t     Read more »

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