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During its first five years in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, The Strive Partnership has realized a host of promising outcomes at multiple levels: student achievement, strategy implementation, and system level changes. These include:

Impact on Student Achievement:

  • Increase in number of student indicators trending in the right direction: Currently 40 of 53 student outcomes across the three core cities that are the focus of the initiative. This is six more indicators than the previous year.

Impact on Strategy Implementation:

  • Quality Early Childhood Education – Led by the United Way Success By 6 © initiative, focused existing public and private resources on evidence-based strategies: certified teachers, small class sizes, summer enrichment. This work has led to a 9% increase in kindergarten readiness over 4 years in Cincinnati. Similar gains have been realized in Newport and Covington. This is particularly significant as progress in this area had been stagnant for years.
  • College Access – The Cincinnati College Access Alliance has pulled together 12 college access programs to identify local, evidence-based practices they are implementing in five low-performing schools. These strategies are being implemented with little new investment as the partners look to focus their existing resources on proven practices such as one-on-one advising and the completion of financial aid forms and scholarship applications. Due to the efforts of the Alliance, one school increased college enrollment 40% in one year.

Impact on Systems:

  • Cincinnati Public Schools developed the Learning Partner Dashboard by working in close partnership with Strive staff and loaned staff from Microsoft. This platform will enable communities to input data from early childhood, K-12, postsecondary, and community-based student support services onto a single platform.
  • Developed Urban Educator Academy – Districts, schools of education, professional development providers, and unions have come together to develop a cohesive recruitment, training, and professional development system to attract, prepare, and support the best talent for educating children and youth in our region.

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