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Community Reports

Community Reports

In order to illustrate impact or results, communities must first identify where they are now as a baseline for comparison.  This is done primarily through the Community Report Card.  The Community Report Card highlights changes in student outcomes the partnership collects data for annually when compared to the community's baseline data.  It also helps to track the partnership's progress in moving the community level outcomes and achieving their goals. Below is a list of community report cards for established Cradle to Career Communities:

The Albany Promise: Albany

 2012 Baseline Report to the Community

All Hands Raised: Portland

2010 Report to the Community

All Kids Alliance: Greater Houston

2010 Report

2011 Update Report

Boston Opportunity Agenda: Boston

 Annual Report Card 2011

Annual Report Card 2012

Bridging Richmond: Greater Richmond

2009-2010 Annual Report

2010-2011 Annual Report

Commit! Partnership: Dallas

2012 Annual Report

Fresno Area Strive: Fresno

2012 Baseline Report

Gateways: East Bay

Annual Report To The Community 2010

Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley: Silicon Valley

Latino Report Card 2011

Learn to Earn: Dayton

2012 Baseline Report

P16Plus Council of Greater Bexar County: San Antonio

2012 Progress Report

Raise D.C.: Washington D.C.

Baseline Report Card 2012

The Roadmap Project: South Seattle

Baseline Report 2011

Annual Report 2012

The Strive Partnership: Cincinnati | Newport | Covington

2010 Strive Report Card

2011 Partnership Report

2012 Partnership Report

Talent Alliance: Central Indiana

2010 Community Baseline Report

2011 Community Report

2012 Community Report

UpStart: Calgary, Canada

2012 Baseline Report on the Calgary Area and Community

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