Imagine if we were able to achieve this vision: Supporting the success of every child from cradle to career.

The impact would be tremendous. Children would thrive. A sense of hope would emerge in long struggling neighborhoods, communities, and regions.  And our economy would improve as a more skilled workforce feeds innovation and growth.

To achieve this vision we need to see education as a journey that is much more inclusive than what happens in the schoolhouse alone.  Education is a lifelong experience that begins well before a child ever sets foot in a classroom and continues long past a cap-and-gown commencement.

Strive’s Student Roadmap to Success plots the course of a student’s journey from cradle to career, with plenty of signposts along the way. This map is not just a guide for the student, but for all members of the community with an interest in seeing that students have successful journeys. It highlights specific research-based competencies and experiences, as well as key transition points where we must ensure students are on target developmentally. If they are not at these critical points, we know the potential for long-term success is greatly inhibited.




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